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Tea and coffee is the foundation of Home in the Highlands, we all love a cuppa, therefore we all need a favourite mug. Mugs and jugs are something that we constantly change so we thought we’d bring to you some of our favourites and keep you up to date with what’s new. 

Made exclusively for Home in the Highlands Blue Check mug from Selbourne Pottery this one is Andrea’s for her strong black coffee in the morning. It is also popular with Sheila. These are all handmade and this means that no two are exactly the same. There is also a larger version for those who prefer to go big with their tea or coffee. 

Also from Selbourne Pottery is Jenny’s, the large red and blue stripe mug. It comes in both small and large. perfect for mint tea and Jenny likes the indent for her thumb.

Amy having one of every mug, found this particularly difficult, some days she goes big and others a wee coffee mug is perfect. The Enesta mug new from Nkuku is a new favourite, Amy likes the handle and you can wrap your hands right around it when you need to warm them up. 

Louise loves this Tall Ama Mug, a great one for those of you who prefer fine china. 

Wendy is everything Orla Kielly so this orange stem mug, is a good size for her morning cuppa…..check out the full range on the website. Mugs & Jugs – Home in the Highlands (homeinhighlands.co.uk)

Gisella Graham mugs are that in between size that is sometimes just right and the colours are fantastic so we had to add one or two of them to kick us off. 


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