Garden Trading Shetland Wild Bee House


Offering a little helping hand to the decreasing bee population, the Shetland Wild Bee House aims to keep the hardest working pollinators attracted to your garden. Available in two neutral, non-toxic stains, with a Spruce outer frame and inner tubes, this house’s design stylishly imitates honeycomb’s hexagonal shapes. This offers great protection, whilst allowing bees to follow their natural instincts for locating holes in walls, tunnels in the ground and hollowed out stems of plants. To create a happy, inviting home, fix to an outdoor wall or fence that sees plenty of sunlight – without any obstructing plants.


Dimensions: H17 x W20 x D9cm
Crafted in Pine
Colours: Grey
Dip treated with a water based non-toxic wood stain
The bee house should be positioned in direct sunlight, away from any obstructing plants

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Garden Trading to combine simple, stunning design with high quality outdoor products that would stand the test of time. Taking inspiration from both the countryside and city lifestyle trends, they design and develop each collection along others around the globe to find innovative materials and highly-skilled artisans to bring our ideas to life.


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