Glass Pumpkin Mini Vase


This eye catching pumpkin-shaped vase in this deep burnt amber shade has a chic yet slightly bohemian feel to it. Perfect for holding a dainty stem or two of your favourite flowers and adorning a mantlepiece to create a charming focal point.

Dimensions: L: 8.5cm x W: 8.5cm x H: 8cm

Availability: In stock

Grand Illusions is based in the beautiful rural countryside of North Dorset and has been offering inspiring products for the home and garden since 1987. Shabby chic style has gathered momentum at a pace in UK and has truly exploded, shaping our homes. Naturally there will always be demand for clean lines and shiny surfaces, but antique looking pieces that look like one offs always shine the brightest and still provide so much inspiration and are the cornerstone of the Grand Illusion range.


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