Highland Soap Company Shaving Gift Set


This gift set includes a contemporary handwoven wash bag, a travelling shaving soap in a weighty glass jar (175g) and a cruelty-free pure bristle shaving brush.

Highland Soap company’s gorgeous new hand care gift sets encompass a tweed wash bag, hand stitched and long-lasting. Ideal for containing toiletries. Finished in a stylish contemporary tweed, inspired by the Scottish landscape and seasons. Lined with a waterproof fabric to protect from spills.

15cm long x 13cm high x 9cm wide at the base

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The Highland Soap Company is a family-run maker of soap and skincare products based in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Their products are handmade in their workshop, nestled between the 13th Century Old Inverlochy Castle and the River Lochy, looking over the north face of Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain. This beautiful highland landscape has always been the source of inspiration for their fabulous products and at Home in the Highlands they are one of our favourite brands.

Good to know: If you are using an all-natural shampoo bar for the first time, it may take some time for your hair and scalp to get used to it as it goes through a period of “detox”. It takes a while for the chemicals that have built up on your hair to be washed out and your scalp may also take some time to get back to producing its natural amount of sebum again. During this time your hair may feel “gunky”, greasy, dull or drier than usual. Please persevere – it’ll be worth it! Please be aware that not all shampoo bars are natural. Most of the round discs made with little noodles may contain chemicals (e.g. SLS) which are found in many liquid shampoos and not only terrible for you, but also the aquatic system.


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