Nomads Organic Cotton Pink Marl Tunic

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A contemporary tunic cut in a straight fit with deep pockets that we know you won’t want to take off. Since it’s made from organic cotton marl jersey, it is super soft easy to wear and comfortable whilst still providing enough thickness for the cooler days. Organic is the best kind of cotton because it’s the kindest to the planet, the producers and the people who wear it. We love organic cotton because of its breathability, organic cotton will keep you cool in the summer, cosy in the winter, and give you far more wears between washing than synthetic fabrics, helping to reduce your water and energy consumption.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-wear
  • 2 colours
  • Deep pockets

Since they started in 1989, they have been committed to ethical trade…..this is what Nomads say 

Wherever we do business, either in the UK or overseas, we are committed to doing our best to deliver a high standard of ethical conduct. For us, it’s not enough to simply comply with legal requirements; we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our relationships, and work closely with everyone involved in the Nomads journey.




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