Rockhopper Wash Bag


Wash bag with Chloe’s fun rockhopper penguin design, it can be used as a toiletries or make up bag.

Made from strong thick oil cloth inside which makes it easy to wipe out if any creams or potions spill!.

Measurements bottom 20cm x 10cm with a 30cm top

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Chloe Gardner Art lives near Edinburgh and uses Scottish nature and added ‘joie de vivre’ from living in Brazil as the inspiration behind her designs. She uses acrylics for her brightly coloured designs and and feathers to create life like animals which she then uses as the design which are printed on to the wide selection of mugs, tea towels, aprons, coasters, jugs and bags that she stocks. We have a small range online and some in our shops  that are sure to cheer anyone up.


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