Seasalt Dawson Pick Merino Cardigan


The Seasalt merino cardigan is neat-fitting with a high crew neck, made from a soft, hard-wearing blend of merino wool and recycled polyester with a beautiful tonal melange. The teal colour is a bright addition for spring and will work well with lots of colours. Merino wool makes this cardigan lightweight but still toasty in the cool winter months, but can still work in the warmer evenings as a cover up.

  • Main Garment:65% Merino Wool (RWS) 30% Recycled Nylon 5% Yak
  • Fitted style
  • Crew neck
  • Button fastening
  • Hand Wash In Cold Water
  • Made in China in line with our Ethical Trading Policy.

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Seasalt merino cardigan began in 1981 when Dan Chadwich opened what was know as a General Clothing Store in Penzance. His Son’s then took this and created the coastal brand that is now known as Seasalt. They take their inspiration from the wild landscape and the maritime heritage of Cornwall and create classic, contemporary designs that are loved by all generations. Seasalt’s design ethos is to create beautiful and useful clothing that our customers can enjoy wearing season after season. It’s their attention to detail and exceptional quality that have won us such a loyal following.

There are many reasons why Seasalt is one of our favourite brands, for starters its that it has something that suits all ages & shapes and they ‘celebrate women’ and want them to dress with ‘creativity & confidence’.

Sustainability- Another reason we love Seasalt  is their continued effort to improve sustainability and to reduce their impact on the planet. Yearly they improved their use of sustainable materials for their products.

Why the Seasalt merino cardigan is here to stay

Merino is soft, breathable and lightweight, merino wool is one of the best yarns nature has to offer. Its hardwearing nature means that with gentle care, clothes made with merino for example Seasalt merino cardigan will last for seasons to come.

Why they choose Organic Cotton

  • Hazardous pesticides & fertilisers are banned, making it safer for growers and the environment.
  • Organic cotton growth produces up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Organic cotton production uses less water.
  • Organic farming protects and nurtures soil for the long term.
  • Organic growing gives control back to farmers.
  • Organic cotton garments are soft and gentle on sensitive skin.

Tide Cycle® is woven from recycled materials such as used plastic bottles. It’s waterproof, breathable, hardwearing and extremely soft to the touch. They use this to make their extremely popular rain jackets which are guaranteed 100% waterproof. A bonus when you live in the West Coast Highlands.

Tencel™ Modal is a soft fabric made from sustainably-sourced wood pulp that Seasalt love using in our collections. It is ‘silky soft’ and breathable and is cool to the touch which is a perfect material for warm summers. The wood fibres used to produce it are sourced from sustainable forestry and processed in a closed loop system, which catches or re-uses chemicals and bleaches to prevent water pollution. As modal is derived from wood it is biodegradable, and can be composted at the end of its life.

To check out more on their sustainability and their fabrics check out Seasalt Fabrics – Seasalt Stories (

On top of all this innovation Seasalt are aiming to be a Carbon Net Zero business by 2040 and they believe in forging long-term partnerships with businesses and people who can support the same environmental ambitions.

Seasalt is a brand that loves what it does and this is evident in their collections and their whole ethos. They bring colour, style, confidence and creativity to all their collections. As long as they keep delivering inspired designs and styles we will keep them as part of our Home in the Highlands family.




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