Voyage Maison Floribunda Russet Cushion


Florabunda Russet cushion features a multitude of harmonious colourful florals bursting through green leaves and sprigs. This charming floral motif creates an artistic impression of wildflowers.  Designed and printed in-house, this cushion has been completed with bright, playful pompoms. It is the perfect accent to brighten up your rocking chair or breathe life into sofa.

Design Style: Florabunda
Print: Florabunda
Main Colour: Natural
Accent Colour: Orange
Material: Printed Linen Cushion
Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Linen
Aftercare: Dry Clean
Filling: Duck Feather
Trim: Multi Colour Pom Pom Edge

Availability: In stock

All Voyage Maison cushions are hand crafted and made in the UK with premium fabrics sourced from around the world. Inspired by travel, the highly experienced in-house textile designers at Voyage Maison are both explorers and creatives at heart, sourcing and discovering the finest fibres and pushing the boundaries of innovation within fabric and cushion textiles. With their eye for colour, texture, pattern and detail, our designers collate unique handmade trims made by traditional skilled Artisans. From hand dyed fringes to opulent shiny ruches and miniature wooden wrapped beaded pom poms, each individual Voyage Maison cushion is finished to the highest standards of luxury. All Voyage Maison cushions are filled with a heavyweight duck feather inner, for a plush cushion that provides comfort and support. Explore the range and you’ll quickly appreciate the quality of the cushions.

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