White Stuff Sleeveless Rua Shirt Dress – Blue Print


A sleeveless shirt dress in a simply fabulous print. Sort of an animal print-meets-abstract art-meets-underwater print. And it has hidden pockets. That’s pretty fabulous, too.

Product ID: 440844

  • 50% Organic Cotton 50% Modal
  • Size 12 High Shoulder Neck Point To Hem Approx. 120cm
  • Collar
  • Sleeveless
  • Classic Fit
  • Midi
  • Machine Washable

White Stuff started life in 1985. The name comes from their founders love of snow the “white stuff” and was born out of an idea of selling t-shirts to fund many ski trips. This progressed to opening a store in South London and we are so pleased they branched away from t-shirts with the White Stuff Blue Rua Shirt Dress being a firm favourite.

White Stuff brings unique prints and vibrant interesting colour combos every season and is dedicated to making women and men feel themselves and make a statement in something they feel comfortable in. This is one of the reasons that White Stuff is a Home in the Highlands favourite as it has something not just for us ladies but great products for gents as well.

White Stuff has made it clear that they are not just about selling products they are trying to build something that is here to last. And they are doing this by ‘doing right by the planet and it’s people’ If only all companies thought like this.

One step is by continuing to use certified materials that have been independently checked for sustainability by certification bodies. Organic cotton means it is fully certified by either the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or the Organic Blended Content Standard (OCS). They publish clear fabric composition percentages for all products, but if you see something that is labelled organic, or has the word in its name, you can be sure it’s made from at least 70% organic material. And if a product says “organic blend”, that means at least 50% of the fabric is organic. White Stuff is also the biggest UK retailer of Fairtrade Cotton.

Lenzing™ EcoVero™ viscose is made from wood pulp from responsibly managed forests. It is dissolved in a nontoxic organic solvent before being turned into fabric. Calculated using the Higgs Material Sustainability Index, the production process for EcoVero™ viscose fibres generates up to 50% less emissions, and uses 50% less water, compared to conventional viscose fibres. The non-profit environmental protection organization Canopy has consistently ranked Lenzing among the top viscose producers worldwide for its sustainable wood and pulp sourcing practices. All of White Stuff’s EcoVero™ viscose is certified and traceable across its full supply chain.

White Stuff use a recycled cotton blend in their jeans, and recycled synthetics like polyester and nylon in our knitwear, outerwear, and accessories. All fabrics featuring recycled materials are certified by the Textile Exchange’s Global Recycled Standard (GRS) or Recycled Claim Standard (RCS). The textile must be made with a minimum percentage of certified recycled content (20% for GRS certification and 5% for RCS).White Stuff are also working to ensure all our wool is certified by the Textile Exchange’s Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). RWS certification ensures that sheep are treated well and allowed the Five Freedoms of animal welfare.

White Stuff is another company who are striving to make sure they do not impact the planet but season on season still provide all ages, genders and shapes with interesting prints and colours to help them express themselves. We continue to support them as an old favourite and another original member of the Hoe in the Highlands family.



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